Review: Battlefield V

Battlefield is one of the most played multiplayer shooters. Battlefield V manages to keep the franchise fresh with new implementations and more of the same that Battlefield is known for. World War II, does that still make us warm?

It seems to be the trend of 2018. More strategy, less run 'n gun. Both of this year's major shooter franchises are saying goodbye to automatic health regen. The tactical factor will play a clear role and you will notice this very well in Battlefield V. DICE and EA manage to create an interesting way of gameplay in the new Battlefield. Which remains true to the franchise. But several things changed significantly for the players.

Health and ammo

Straight to the tip, shall we say. Battlefield V adds scarcity to the battlefield. This not only impacts the gameplay, but also the overall feel of the game's setting. Soldiers do not have automatic healing wounds. Soldiers also don't have pockets filled with more than 300 bullets for an Assault Rifle. That is more something for Airsoft. Although we are used to more than enough bullets and automatic health rain. Are EA and DICE putting a stop to this in Battlefield V.
Battlefield has always been a game that greatly encourages Squad gameplay. Spawning on your squad mates, more XP for squad play, but despite all these perks, squad play remained pretty much casual in a regular match. Battlefield V changes this and you notice this immediately, in the first multiplayer round.

You are placed in the battlefield with up to 3 magazines and only one roll of bandage. Once these run out, you're as good as cannon fodder. Unless you stay close to your teammates. If you have a medic or as they say in Battlefield: "SANITÄTER", in your team, he can provide you with all the plasters in the world. Provide the Support Class with extra ammo for your weapons. It therefore feels like the first Battlefield where you are obliged to make a balanced squad with different roles, even though this system has been around for a very long time in Battlefield.
Luckily for Battlefield V, this works out really well in this installment. Where you were virtually never revived in Battlefield 1, the chance of revives in Battlefield V is greater than ever. The above supply system is certainly a strong factor in this, but I think there is more behind the medic play.

Medics are cool again

Yup, playing medic is cool again in Battlefield V. In Battlefield 1, as a medic, you were saddled with weapons that in most cases couldn't compete with the automatic weapons, especially in close combat. This has done a lot of damage to the medic in Battlefield 1, as as a medic you have to maneuver between all the shards and sparks to save your teammates. With the weapons in Battlefield 1, this was extremely frustrating and the medic was barely chosen, I think.
In Battlefield V, as a medic, you get weapons that are more dedicated to fast-paced gameplay that belongs to the medic class. Not only is the medic equipped with the right weapons, but all classes seem to be in excellent balance this time. Of course, not all weapons work as they should and there are a number of obvious weapons that are slightly stronger than desired. Model A 10 Hunter flashbacks, anyone?
In general, the classes feel good. The standard assault class generally has strong weapons that are absolutely terrifying. The trade-off with this class is that you are completely dependent on your medic and support when it comes to ammo and medic. The medic is equipped with sub-machine guns like the Sten. extremely useful for CQB, as it should be for the medic. The medic has an endless supply of first-aid kits. The Sanitäter can thus keep himself and his/her teammates alive.
As support you have access to slightly heavier weapons with more ammo, and slightly less damage. The advantage is that you can provide yourself with all the bullets in the world, your teammates too. Finally, we have the Recon class. This one needs no explanation.
Classes have never felt so good and balanced as in Battlefield V. The only downside to the classes is that each class only has a handful of weapons available and we're missing a lot of iconic weapons from WWII, but this isn't it. the only thing we miss.

Battlefield VV VV 2

Battlefield V is set in World War II. Graphically the game looks very nice. Undoubtedly the most beautiful Battlefield game we've ever seen. The small details have been worked out to perfection. Explosions are and feel lifelike. Your character will even be knocked over by large explosions nearby. Buildings are crumbling and everything seems to have a huge impact on the environment. You feel that you are in the middle of a war and you feel this more than in previous Battlefield games. Not only because of the immersion, but also the aforementioned squad system, which puts constant pressure on the kettle from both fronts. This is certainly the case in the new Grand Operations.
Even if it feels like you're in the middle of a war, I can't say you're in the middle of WWII. On this theme, they completely missed the point and it still feels like you're in the same setting as Battlefield 1. No doubt the battlefields in Battlefield V are not the least. The battle for the Maas bridges, for example. It is very cool and nicely developed in Battlefield V, but I still miss a number of iconic battles in this game.
How cool would it be if Battlefield V had a Grand Operation based on Operation Neptune/Operation Overlord, better known as the events surrounding D-Day? Or Der Slacht von Stalingrad? Battlefield V lacks some very interesting battles that would be really cool in the current Grand Operation settings. I hope these will come up in future DLC.

No Premium

That said, it's finally time to say goodbye to paid DLC in Battlefield. Battlefield V no longer uses Premium features and will not offer DLC for a fee. All future content for Battlefield V will be added to the game for free, eliminating the need to split the community in two. The advantage here is that former 'premium' players no longer have to wait in endless matchmaking because DLC maps were generally played less. Players who previously never purchased DLC or Premium can now enjoy the new additions to the game.


Is Battlefield V one of the best Battlefield games ever made? Doubtless. Is it the best? Not necessarily. The World War II setting lacks a lot of iconic elements to really make it look like World War II. The range of weapons is again very scanty. This was understandable for Battlefield 1, but for Battlefield V? In my view, this is not acceptable, looking back at Battlefield 3 and 4.
The game looks beautiful and the tone for the rest of the game is immediately set when you start the game. This tone continues and this is very good. The classes in a Battlefield game have never been more functional than in this game, although the new system takes some getting used to and may not be for everyone. Of course in the end it's all about the gunplay, feeling of war and chaos as Battlefield promised again and again and this is more than on point in this part.

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