Review: Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered – Nintendo Switch

Earlier we did a review about the Playstation version of Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered . But, the game would also get a separate Nintendo Switch variant and it has arrived! How does the handheld console hold up against its big nephews and nieces?

The Assassin's Creed franchise has two pillars consisting of a free open world and a gripping story. Despite the fact that this third part had a bit of a long-winded introduction then and now, the game picks up well once you arrive at your destination. You start the game with the well-known Desmond Miles, who has to stop the end of the world. Desmond takes on the role of an assassin named Connor Kenway through a simulation at the center of the American Revolution. After a long introduction on the boat there, the story fully opens up once you arrive in Boston. The story is strong and upholds the AC name. Of course, that story is now known to everyone, so I want to make the least of it in this review. The same goes for the gameplay: how does the game run now on the Nintendo switch? Can you choose this variant over, for example, the playstation 4 version?


As we all know, the Assassin's Creed series comes from a well-known studio called Ubisoft. This studio has consistently shown that they have a good series on their hands, from part one in full all the way to Odyssey. This third part is no exception, not at all. However, the gameplay used to have some minor issues. Those issues consist of movement bugs and clumsy combat due to static gameplay elements. The most annoying thing is the way Connor explores the world. The movement was not so smart in this part compared to all the new parts. Connor jumps in all directions except the way you actually wanted to go. It seems that Ubisoft has not improved much in this regard.

Switch Performance?

Okay, the game is still buggy, but surely Ubisoft has thought of certain performance issues that could be a problem for the Switch version? However? Well, not so much actually. The game runs fine more than half the time between 25 and 30FPS. But, from the moment you walk into a town, city or busy area, it becomes a complete disaster. The game starts to feel slow and choppy. Nothing is left of that 25FPS. This is manageable, as it only happens in busy areas. However, this prevents me from buying the game for the Switch as a consumer anyway. Especially since most have another console or PC at home.
This was of course a bit to be expected on the handheld. The game runs much better in Docked Mode, despite the Full HD upgrade in this mode. Another problem is dark areas. It is almost impossible to navigate yourself in dark pieces, this is something I noticed right away on the boat pieces. Overall, the performance is wearable, but not great. This makes the game harder to recommend, especially when combined with the bugs. it's not unplayable, but it's not easy at certain times either. The biggest advantage is that you can now play the game anywhere, whether you're pooping or sitting on the train from Limburg to Amsterdam. Although the brightness of the Switch does not make it easy to play this game outside, given the game is fairly gray in terms of color palette.

So what now?

The review was mainly centered around my user experience of the Nintendo Switch variant of Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered. The game is and remains fantastic. This isn't even a point of discussion. The game plays great and the story is very gripping, despite the long-winded introduction. But, all is well once the game is up and running.
We can say something completely different about performance. The game runs buggy and it seems that the game doesn't see many changes from the original. Graphically you see a difference with the original version, for example faces look much better and more natural. Unfortunately the performance is not great. In cities you quickly notice that the FPS can drop to 10-15, making the game unplayable. The game also feels unreliable in terms of controls at these times and very slow. This is a real shame given that the game is in a good age to be optimized for the Nintendo Switch. If you only have a Nintendo Switch at home, I can definitely recommend the game. Do you have other consoles available? Then I definitely recommend getting the game on this one.

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