Review: Anthem

Sometimes you have those games where you have mixed feelings about it. 
You see potential, but you expect more. Sometimes you have games that are great, that stand on their own two feet and sometimes you have titles that are really bad. Which of these the next game falls under is a question I will answer in my review on: Anthem!

Anthem is a sci-fi RPG TPS. That's a mouth full! This shooter steps into Destiny's feet a little bit and is briefly translated as Looter Shooter. Anthem was released on February 22 by Electronic Arts and is fully developed by BioWare, also known for Mass Effect. Fans of the Mass Effect series and gamers in general had high hopes for this game, but ended up being caught in a two-sided battle. How did we think this shooter turned out? Check out the trailer below first.


Anthem is set in Bastion. A vast and colorful sci-fi world dotted with aggressive animals, hostile factions and mysterious shaper relics that are ultimately little more than enemy spawners. You play as a freelancer, a mercenary who controls a mech (Javelin). It's all about the Anthem of Creation, a kind of divine power. The game starts during a Cataclysm called the Heart of Rage that you must avoid. This, of course, goes completely wrong and almost everyone gets killed. The story then jumps forward 2 years and you end up in a torn world. And of course there is an enemy who wants to use the Anthem to rule the world.

To be honest I didn't get much of the story. In general, I am someone who follows everything about the story. Talk to everyone, read everything and you name it. But the story was so uninteresting to me and didn't grab me at all. The NPCs are not interesting at all and come across as filling to me. And then you have the "Cortex", a place where all information is collected. This is so big and so much, along with the fact that the story doesn't grab me, reading the massive mountain of info in here is a big task. Bioware is normally very strong at storytelling, but this time they completely miss the point. I even started skipping everything after a short time and that says a lot.


The basis of this game is great, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The Javelins (the suits) are great and you really get an Iron Man feeling. When you step into the Javelin for the first time, it gives you a cool feeling and flying gives you enormous freedom. The combat is great, the special weapons and flying give the Javelin an extra dimension. Where things go wrong with Anthem are the missions you have to do. For example, instead of shooting everything (sometimes) and continuing you have to bring luminous orbs to some kind of sea cucumbers, find objects and place them somewhere or defend a point. Gameplay in a game should have height and quiet points, but in Anthem this contrast is very large.

What really freaked me out were the loading screens. I almost feel like I was watching loading screens more than playing. Now I don't mind loading screens that much, but in this game it really goes too far! If we could play for a good while after a loading screen, it would still be doable. But the missions are so short. And sometimes you are flying longer than in combat. There are enough gameplay elements that make the game fun, but the whole is mostly disappointing. By the way, when did the trend start that you are not allowed to walk in certain areas, in this case the fortress that serves as a base. Very frustrating.

Graphics and sound

I played this game on a PlayStation 4, and the world of Anthem looks very nice and colorful for an online RPG. Graphically not bad as long as you don't look too close. What really looks bad is the rain! The world of Anthem is well filled and varied. There are still way too many bugs in the game, even after the day one patch of 11gb. Don't get me wrong, bugs can always occur, but after years of development, I think there are still too many bugs present.

The sound in the game is good. Often there is such chaos that you do not benefit much from a surround system in a fight. Also a lack is that they do not use the speaker in the controller. They could have nicely passed the speech of your radio over this.


Potency is the word that keeps coming to mind. The story had more potential, the missions had more potential, the progression had more potential, and together this makes the experience more potential. I have to say that I find it a difficult review to write. Normally I can tell you the pros and cons, but this time it was a lot more difficult. Anthem doesn't feel like a cohesive whole. Besides all the negatives, I can get some entertainment out of it, but definitely not as much as I had hoped. As I said before, Bioware has created a game with a lot of potential that just hasn't been used. Something I'm not used to from them.

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