Play or work comfortably with these 6 ergonomics tips

Sometimes, we focus more on our setup, than on enjoying it comfortably. Therefore, we have thought about compiling several tips on ergonomics so that you can apply them on your desktop .

Ergonomics is a key aspect to work or play comfortably, especially when we spend many hours in front of the monitor. Buying more expensive furniture is not going to make you more comfortable, but the key is in the fit of all the elements. Therefore, we are going to review each section of the desk relating it to ergonomics so that you are as comfortable as possible.

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Correct chair adjustment: headrest, fanny pack and arms

chair height ergonomics desk

The chair is a key element when it comes to being comfortable at the desk; In fact, we could say that this is where the responsibility lies so that our joints, back or neck do not hurt. So what are the keys to a correct fit ?

It begins with the posture , since the back has to be supported on the back at a 90 degree angle , that is, straight. The neck must have the same alignment, and we will always try to have the chin straight forward so as not to encourage the neck to move forward.

On the other hand, the shoulders and forearms should be at an angle of 90º (preferably), understanding that the forearms are supported by the armrests. Saying that the armrests should be at the same height as the table, so it is a mistake to lower them to better fit the table.

ergonomics desk

As for the legs, it will depend on each one, but a footrest can make your life more comfortable. It is not an essential element, but it can help you, although the best way to avoid pain in your knees is not to cross your legs.

Finally, which chair to choose? You can consult the best gaming chairs in our guide , but tell you that office chairs are really good for ergonomics. A good chair should have the following:

  • Adjustable lumbar cushion . If the height and depth can be modified, all the better; in most chairs you can only change the height.
  • Adjustable headrest . Logically, we do not all measure the same, nor do we have the same proportions.
  • Height and width adjustable armrests . If its height can be adjusted, it will already be positive, but there are models in which we can adjust the distance across the width. This is positive for people who are larger and have a greater spread of arms. On the other hand, you will find models with highly customizable armrests.
  • Adjustable height and compatible with the table . Be careful with this because, if we want good ergonomics for the desk, we must attend to the table. You have to buy a chair that gives you enough height to be in a straight line with the table, that is, neither above nor below it.
  • Nylon wheels (optional). Experience says that nylon wheels greatly improve wheel glide, as well as their durability.
  • Carpet or mat under the chair . To prevent our chair from rolling on its own due to the inertia of the weight, it is advisable to put a carpet or a non-slip mat so that the chair does not move unless we exert pushing force to do so.

Ideal monitor size and configuration

ergonomics desk

We have left for this section the alignment, distance and size of the monitor with respect to the chair where we are sitting. Regarding the monitor, you have to take into account several things:

  • The distance we have from him.
  • How much space there is on the desk.
  • The utility that gives us more or less inches.

By this I mean that by having a bigger monitor, you are not going to work / play better, but you have to take care of other factors. Although there is no consensus on distances, from 45 cm from the monitor to our eyes is a good start.

Another aspect to consider is the inclination of the monitor; if you can't tilt it, try adjusting the table / chair so that your eyes are slightly above the middle of the panel. If you can tilt it, it is always better to do it upwards.

desktop monitor

That said, let's see what size is best for us according to the distance from our eyes to the panel.

InchesMin distanceMax distanceOptimal distance (max acuity)
24 inch38 cm102 cm96 cm
27 inch43 cm115 cm105 cm
29 inch48 cm130 cm114 cm
32 inch51 cm136 cm131 cm
3. 4inch54 cm145 cm131 cm
38 inch60 cm162 cm148 cm
42 inch66 cm179 cm166 cm

On the other hand, and related to the ergonomics of the desk , it may be more optimal to install a different base than the one that comes with the monitor, why? Because of the space they usually occupy, especially gaming monitor bases

Keyboard tilt and wrist rest

ergonomics desk

Those of us who write a lot have to be careful with our wrists and forearms in relation to the keyboard. If you are sitting for more than 5 hours writing, you will notice how the forearms become swollen or even the wrists.

It is possible that you are adopting a bad posture when writing, or your forearms are exerting unnecessary tension because of not being well supported. Here 4 factors influence :

  • The height of the table with respect to the chair (remember the 90 degrees of the arms).
  • The use of wrist rests on the keyboard.
  • The tilt of the keyboard .
  • Wearing a wrist watch .

The watch thing seems silly, but it raises our wrist enough to not be comfortable. Personally, I always wear a watch to monitor my activity, but I have to take it off when I've been writing for a while because my wrist starts to hurt, just because of that height difference. Those of you who use a laptop will understand it much more.

Regarding the use of wrist rests on the keyboard : it can be incorporated, or you can buy it separately. Our colleague Ana made a great compilation about the best wrist rests that you can find.

Perfect table setup

desk table

The ergonomics of the desk is completed with a well-distributed table that adapts to our needs. We do not always need huge tables, but space is enough to work or play comfortably.

Normally, a standard table is usually 120 meters long , which is more than enough space to work perfectly. However, we must not neglect the width , since, the less it is, the less distance there will be from the monitor to our eyes.

If our table is not very deep , we recommend that you go to the previous table and see which monitor suits you best. A monitor of less than 24 inches may seem small to you, but the truth is that it will be much better for the ergonomics of the desk.

Space management

desk space

This goes for tastes and needs, but we had to address the importance of desktop space management . We come to refer to the elements that are present, such as the distances of the keyboard, mouse, etc.

In case you have a small table , I recommend that you have on it what is strictly necessary: mouse , keyboard and monitor . The reason is that we can move the mouse more freely (without colliding with other elements), such as opening the elbows more, for example.

In the end, they are small details that make the experience more pleasant when we have to work for long hours. We believe that our tutorial on how to have a clean desk may be useful to you , since in it we contemplate various accessories to make your life easier.

Take micro breaks!

to stretch

Finally, one of the commandments of ergonomics is to take micro breaks every 20-25 minutes to stretch the joints and not "stick" after many hours sitting. Even, on a personal basis, I would recommend doing some series of an exercise such as squats, jumping jacks or push-ups.

I know that many of you could not do that because of sweat, etc., but it helps to release endorphins and is great for anxiety and stress. Believe it or not, exercise can restore concentration.

We hope these 6 tips on desktop ergonomics have been helpful. If you have any questions, you can comment below and we will respond shortly.

What is essential for your comfort? What are the tips that you agree with the most?

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