PC review: Red Dead Redemption 2

Hop, hop, hop, gallop your horse. The wind in your hair, beautiful views, great speeds. Until your game crashes. Wait a while, get the feeling back, in the gallop. Until your game crashes again. Wait a bit, back into the gallop… until your game freezes again…


Where some may already know the story, there will probably also be people who are only now getting to know the game or have deliberately not seen anything because it was still to be released on PC. Red Dead Redemption 2 is set in America, circa 1899. You are a ferocious cowboy named Arthur Morgan and you belong to a well-known gang. The van der Linde gang is one of many and after a failed robbery you are chased by other gangs and there is a spicy bounty on your head. Lose yourself in train robberies, cowboy stand-offs and more under-the-radar chores to fund your camp and gang. Make the right choices to make your camp the best for the other members of the group. You can also go on an adventure in the wilderness of America and you can search different areas for special animals.Hunt the biggest bears or tame the most beautiful horses to get money, or to get a beautiful horse. With the huge open world you can lose yourself in the game for hours. Catching and training horses, fishing or just discovering villages and towns, it's all possible! Read more in our previous RDR2 review .


Red Dead Redemption, a game that has been out for a while on the PlayStation 4 and recently on the PC. Our review took a while, because RDR2 is a game for the elite PC gamers among us. Apparently you have to have an expensive extensive gaming PC, otherwise the game cannot be played. The game went around the editorial board before it got to someone who could play it, that is, me. Just to give a quick overview about my video card, I have the GeForce GTX 1070 . A card that you should be able to play the game with, I think. And luckily I was able to! In any case, good enough to be able to do the review.
I was able to play the game on the highest settings. All on ultra or on high (when ultra wasn't an option) so I could get the most out of the game. And it did run, with the occasional stalling. This especially happened when something unexpected happened or when you were in the middle of a snow storm. Which happens quite a lot in the beginning of the game… The game also struggled with water. Fortunately, I was able to play the game reasonably well and empathize with the group members of the corridor who were suffering from the cold. However, this event has a large share in my final score of the game.
Because the game is also out on the PlayStation 4, and I also have it at my disposal, I was therefore able to compare it well. How are the PC graphics compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro? I must admit that I really prefer to play it on the PlayStation. I feel much more like he's done there. The cut scenes are nicer, the details sharper and the overall picture much more spectacular. Like her for example, with the PC version it reminded me of the old Assassins Creed games like Brotherhood. Where the hairs weren't loose yet and it was more placard wigs than loose hairs. Adding to that, of course, that the PlayStation version never crashes and you can enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2 there for hours.


I'm pretty sure that all bugs will be fixed on the PC. But I can understand for the people who have spent a lot of money and have waited a long time for the PC release that they feel very bad. Still, there are people who have no problem running the game, which is of course great news! However, I hope that the server problem, or the specs problems will be gone soon. If you would like to get it for your PC, you can do that via the Rockstar website. Here you can choose the Ultimate Edition (€89.99), the Special Edition (€74.99) and the Standard Edition (€59.99). I give Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC a six out of ten. Because of all the defects. I also like to play the game, but on my PlayStation. Because RDR2 is one of the best games ever made!

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