PC Review: Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn created by Guerrilla has been out on PC for a few days, before it was only available on PlayStation 4. A game worth playing on PC or a bad choice for PC release ? Dive into our review of Aloy's story on PC where I give my honest opinion.


The story of Horizon Zero Dawn takes place years after our existence. A child is born seemingly motherless into a tribe, the Nora. An outcast named Rost is tasked with raising her. Rost ensures that the child is given a name. Aloy is the name of our female protagonist. Rost trains her to become a badass ginger who manages to survive in the savage world. A world filled with many dangers, machines that is. Gigantic machines that somehow resemble animals, but you don't have to worry about these animals. It is the machines and certainly the savage infected machines that you should be afraid of. In her own holy land, Aloy is treated badly as an outcast and as she grows up, many questions arise. Where does she come from, who is her mother, because being born motherless is difficult,and why is she an outcast? Questions that you as a player should get started with in Horizon Zero Dawn. Together with Aloy you will research your tribe, the world and your own history. As a child you will find in an underlying cave, which resembles a large facility of today, a Focus. This is a holographic tool that will help you and Aloy in the game. With the Focus you can see the world differently, you see weak spots, small pieces of history and much more. As you play Horizon Zero Dawn, you slowly learn more and more about Aloy's background and all the other strange secrets that come with it. Don't worry, we won't reveal anything. That is up to you to discover, if you are adventurous and brave enough of course.


I had already lost myself in Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation 4. I spent hours wandering the wilderness looking for scary machines and answers. The game, made by Dutch people, put us on the map. Horizon Zero Dawn sold 10 million in its first two yearstimes! That is of course not for nothing. No, for a game with this kind of graphics and story, this remains a game to go back to. After a while, the PC gamers can now also go wild with the game. But, did the game transfer from PlayStation to the computer properly? For some games and creators, the transition is difficult. Graphics that demand too much, rushed, unplayable due to countless glitches and/or bugs, we know it. I was able to enjoy myself again with the story and I really enjoyed it. When you start the game it asks you to update your drivers when needed, always handy to listen to them directly. Horizon Zero Dawn is a big game and requires a lot of space and power from your PC and therefore also your graphics card. I myself have a GeForce GTX 1070. Not the newest of the newest, but certainly not old either.The second thing the Horizon Zero Dawn game does when you start it up is load it to the level of your PC, this takes a while but trust me, it's for the best quality of the game. The game then checks which settings are needed for what your PC can handle, it took (for me) 45 minutes so keep this in mind if you want to play the game. After that the game starts up and you get the intro, this is the time to taste the first graphics. I have to admit, it looked beautiful. Almost exactly as I was used to from Horizon Zero Dawn. I had to keep the settings at normal instead of the highest settings. I experienced stuttering when I wanted to turn them up, but also on the normal settings it was nice to see. I also experienced stuttering when walking by water in the game plus a few crashes from the game.On the PlayStation the graphics are at their best but I have to say that the music, environment and overall ambiance make up for it. It was also around thirty degrees for a few days, maybe my PC was just very warm and I can boost my settings another time.

What's also nice about the PC edition of Horizon Zero Dawn is that it's the Complete Edition. This means that the game also features The Frozen Wilds expansion. This is an extra piece of world with its own quests that does not come with the base game on the PlayStation 4.


A game that many may have already played on the PlayStation 4 or which is completely new for people without a console. A game that is 100% worth buying. Horizon Zero Dawn is an incredibly beautiful game where you are completely sucked in. The secrets, adventures and your character are too interesting not to be curious about. With a good intro that takes a while you learn how to play the game. After the intro you can quickly go out into the big world and you are free to do what you want. If you want to go straight to the main quest, you can. Do you want to grow in levels and do side quest first? Then this is also possible. It's up to you, the player, how you manage the time in Horizon Zero Dawn.The graphics may not be quite the same as the PlayStation and maybe it needs a tiny patch here and there to make it run even smoother and avoid crashes, I definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes a well filled open world game. My grade will therefore be a 9.5 out of 10 points! If the smallest bumps in the road have been resolved, it is a big 10! Get the game onSteam to play Horizon Zero Dawn.

When this game has completely captured you, you can look forward to when the PlayStation 5 comes out. Part two called Horizon Forbidden West will then appear where you will go on another adventure with Aloy.

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