Mini reviews: Danger Zone and Dangerous Driving

The last Burnout game, Burnout Paradise, dates back to 2008. It had a slightly different formula than the previous parts. Many gamers are looking for that classic Burnout 3 experience. Is Three Fields Entertainment coming to meet us?

Three Fields Entertainment was founded in 2014 by ex-Criterion employees, the studio that made the Burnout games. Earlier I wrote how happy I was that these people make games based on the Burnout idea. First a mini-golf game that resembles the Crash mode from Burnout, followed by two games that directly copy it, Danger Zone and Danger Zone 2. Dangerous Driving came out last month. Put these games together and you have all the ingredients of Burnout 3. Almost…

Danger Zone

When I started the first Danger Zone I immediately felt at home. This is the full crash mode from Burnout. I'm surprised EA didn't make an issue of this. You drive towards an intersection and try to cause the largest possible crash. If the damage increases to a certain point, you can detonate your car again. With this, cars fly around you in all directions to hit other cars. This can then cause a strong chain reaction. There are also several pick-ups among the chaos. These are mainly cash bonuses that add up to your total. If you have one of each value, you get a big bonus extra. More importantly the Crashbreaker 'powerup', or I should say own SmashBreaker, as they are called in Danger Zone. When you combine all aspects it really becomes a game of skill and strategy.

The second part expands on the first, of course. Where you play Danger Zone in small areas, mostly indoors, you see much more of the outdoors in this second part. You also get the chance to drive some pieces. This can be on the way to the crash intersection, or you need to 'check' traffic. In other words, drive behind them at full speed so that they shoot forward against other traffic. This is a little less tactical than the actual crashes, but a lot of fun.

Dangerous Driving

I've been anxiously awaiting this game for a long time. Finally a real Burnout game but without the Burnout name. I've been able to spend some time with Dangerous Driving now and can only make one judgement: Mèh. The game is clearly made by Criterion employees, even the menus are the same as Burnout 3. Again strange that EA thinks all this is fine. The budget is clearly a lot lower. A lot lower. For example, there are only tracks in the open air. Nothing in urban areas, which are so much fun because of all the obstacles. Also, there is no music at all. You can link your Spotify account to play your own music, so there are plenty of playlists online that connect nicely. There is a downside: If you don't have a Spotify premium, or if you use a competing service, you're out of luck.

Danger Zone and Dangerous Driving are a beautiful piece of labor of love. It's obvious that Three Fields Entertainment makes these games because they're passionate about it, not because there's a big publisher behind it. At Danger Zones 1 and 2, they managed to faithfully 'imitate' the Crashmode. I didn't have that same feeling at Dangerous Driving. There is a lot of variety in tracks, but these differ mainly in layout and appearance, in the end they don't differ much. Burnout's urban tracks created obstacles to push against other racers, or they. I miss this very much. In addition, the combat is also less intense, it's more like smashing someone off in one go than real wheel-to-wheel duelling and tactically taking out your opponent.


We still see an NFS Hot Pursuit like cops and robbers mode which is nice, but this doesn't add enough variety to make the package less boring. I think the latter is what Dangerous Driving summarizes. I find him boring. Sometimes playing for half an hour is ok, but it's not something I sit down for. In contrast, the Danger Zone Games are really worth it. This is just pure fun that is not inferior to the original crash mode. The two parts are regularly for sale as a cheap bundle, which together offer enough content for many hours of fun.

With regard to Dangerous Driving, it is therefore slightly different. Three tens I think is a lot for a game that is not very filled. Moreover, most Burnout fans do not get their money's worth with this. Do you have an Xbox? Then I advise you to buy Burnout Revenge for a tenner If you prefer a disc, you can find it second-hand for the same price. This one's for Xbox 360 and is backwards compatible with Xbox One. It's the only Burnout 3 style game available in HD, albeit in 720p and not 1080p or glorious 4K. I started Burnout Revenge to compare it for this review and was suddenly glued to the tube for hours, which actually says enough.

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