Mini Review: Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed ​​Champions

Where the first expansion for Forza Horizon 4 followed fairly quickly after the release of the game, the second would take half a year. Was it worth the wait?

Basically it remains Forza Horizon 4, so don't expect any spectacular changes. Despite that, it really does feel like an expansion and not an addition that could have been in the game in itself. Starting with Forza Horizon 2, you will also get a new map to explore with each expansion, except for one. Obviously this map is not as big as the base game but if I have to estimate it will be about one third of that size, just like Fortune Island.

The second expansion of Forza Horizon 3 revolves around Hot Wheels and toys are again the theme in this expansion. Everyone knows Lego, of course. It's like someone made a Lego world and then put me in this world with a shrink beam. You can taste a Lego McLaren Senna and then get a Lego Mini. Later you can unlock other cars made from Lego. Of course you can still use all the other cars in your garage. In a Lego cart your character also changes into a Lego doll which I think is a nice detail.

The map is divided into a few areas such as Jurassic Graveyard, Redbeards Retreat and Super Mega Awesome Adventure Stunt Park. 90% of the world consists of Lego and these areas nicely show the different themes of Lego. From what I've seen driving around, many of the builds on the map are based on actual building sets that you can buy and the details are stunning. Where all that is already beautifully made, they have gone one step further with the cars. The shine of the blocks and the stickers are impressive and the inside of the blocks even contain the copyright text of Lego. Damage to the car also translates into the loss of blocks. Beautifully rendered with a wonderful eye for detail.

The events in Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions (what a mouthful) are largely of the same flavor as the base game. With this new theme, of course, some novelties have come along. You get the opportunity to collect Lego blocks with every race and other activities. With these blocks you can then build new cars and extensions for your house. I say build, but this actually means just unlocking. It's not all that special outside of the theme. But something doesn't always have to be special to be fun.


Ultimately, it's just great fun to play this expansion. I am a fanatic racer and play a lot of racing games. Most racing games I play most of the events and then I'm done with it. I can continue to play both Forza Motorsport and Horizon. Unlike Forza Motorsport, you don't play very actively on lap times, for example. So after about 40 hours you have seen everything and you are rotating the events. Expansions such as Fortune Island and Lego Speed Champions bring the necessary new maps and events. The Lego theme is just a very cool extra in that regard. Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions is therefore a must have for every owner of Forza Horizon 4. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

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