How to play your PlayStation 5 from mobile, Android or iOS

We are going to explain how to play from your mobile to your PlayStation 5 , using one of the functions that Sony has been implementing for a long time on its consoles. The only thing you will need is that both the PS5 and the mobile share the same user account and the same WiFi to be able to establish the connection.

As for the command, the most comfortable thing is to link the DualSense to the mobile to be able to play with a higher quality and with an experience more similar to the console. However, Sony's remote play app includes touchscreen controls , so using the remote is not strictly necessary.

Play your PS5 from your mobile

The first thing you have to do is download the PS Remote Play application on your mobile , an app that is available both on Google Play for Android and in the iOS App Store . It is free, and you download it like any other conventional application.

Once installed, open the app. In it, the first thing you should do is log in with the same PlayStation account that you use on the console . To do this, click on the button to Sign in to PSN and follow the steps. If you have installed the app to control the PS5 from your mobile , then it will automatically log in with the account you have there.

On the next screen, it is explained that the app will collect data from your mobile to personalize ads and recommendations. Here, you can click on confirm, or take care of your privacy by editing the settings in Modify Settings . Either option is good, and it depends on how you want to take care of your privacy.

Now, you will go to a screen that asks you if you want to connect the console controller to the mobile. If you click on the blue button, you will go to the Bluetooth settings to do it, but if you give the X to cancel at the top right, you will continue with the remote play process without a controller. Remember that this is totally optional, and that although it makes references to the PlayStation 4 controller, it also works with the 5.

After this first initial configuration, you will arrive at the main screen of the application, the one to which you will go directly the next times you open it. On this screen, you have to choose the console model you want to connect to , which can be a PlayStation 5 or a PlayStation 4.

Now a warning will appear, because you must have remote use activated on the PlayStation 5 to be able to connect to it. Therefore, the notice will show the steps you must take in the console settings to activate it. It is a very simple thing to do. When you do, on your mobile click OK .

Now, the mobile will start looking for PlayStation 5 consoles in which you have logged in with the same account that you have in this app. After searching, a window will appear with one or more consoles, and you have to click on the PS5 you want to connect to . In the event that you have used more than one, several will appear in the list with the date and time of the last time you connected to them to be able to differentiate them.

You will now go to a screen where the process of connecting the mobile to the console appears. This process can take a few seconds unless something goes wrong and prompts you to choose your console again.

And that's it. After this connection process, you will begin to see the console interface on your mobile and you will be able to start controlling it remotely. You have two ways to use it, horizontally with the full screen or vertically with a very small screen on top, almost like a Game Boy.

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