How to play your PlayStation 5 from the PC

We are going to explain how to play your PlayStation 5 from your PC with Windows 10 or macOS, so that if you don't have a gaming computer, you can always choose to play using the console's hardware. We have already told you how to play the PS5 from the mobile , and now we will do the same but from the computer.

To do this, you will need both your PlayStation 5 and your mobile to share the same user account and the same Internet connection . In addition, it is also recommended that you connect the DualSense controller to the computer so that the experience is as close as possible to playing on the console. Therefore, there are no longer limits if your home TV is busy.


Play PS5 from PC

The first thing you have to do is download the Remote Play application on your computer. To do this, first enter this web page, and choose if you want to download the Windows or Mac application to control your PS5.

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We have chosen the Windows PC option, and that has led us to a page where all the explanations are given. In it, you have to go to the Install the application section and click on the Download button after marking that you accept the terms of the software and the privacy policy.

Then run the downloaded app. In the case of Windows, it is a very simple process, where you will only have to choose the language and choose the location where you want to install it . In a few minutes, the application will be installed.

Now, open the PS Remote Play application on your computer. When you do, on the first screen you will have to log in with the same PlayStation Network account that you use on the console . To do this, click on the login button and enter the same email and password that you use on the PS5.

On the next screen, it is explained that the app will collect data from your mobile to personalize ads and recommendations. Here, you can click on Confirm and continue , or take care of your privacy by editing the settings in Modify Settings . A window will open where you can decide whether to send your full or basic usage data to Sony.

After this first initial configuration, you will arrive at the main screen of the application, the one to which you will go directly the next time you open it. On this screen, you have to choose the console model you want to connect to , which can be a PlayStation 5 or a PlayStation 4.

Before clicking on the console model, you'd better go into the configuration , whose icon of a cogwheel is on the left. Here you can change important things such as the quality of the video streaming from the console to the computer, which by default is set quite low. You will also have the controller settings.

Before proceeding, and when you already have the console turned on, you have to link the controller of your PlayStation 5 to the computer . For that, we have already explained that you can do it both by connecting it directly via USB and by linking it using its Bluetooth technology.

Once you have done this, click on the option to connect to a PlayStation 5 . When you do, a notice will appear stating that you must have remote play activated on the PlayStation 5 in order to connect to it. In the notice you will see the steps you must take in the console settings to activate it, and when you do, click OK .

Now, your computer will start looking for the PS5 in which you have logged in with the account that you have configured in the Windows program. After searching, a window will open where you have to click on the PlayStation 5 you want to connect to . If you only have one, no more will appear, but you will always get the last date and time you used them in case you have more than one.


And that's it. After a few seconds establishing the connection, if you have activated remote use on the console and you share WiFi and account, the connection will be established and you will see the content of your console on the PC . Now, with the controller connected, you can start using it remotely and play whatever you want.


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