How to Play with Athena in Smite

Some time ago we started a series of posts that would go about the role that I use the most in Smite

It's about the role of Guardian, and this time it's time to explain and show you how to play with Athena in Smite .The first of the Gods I showed you was Ymir , the Norse Titan. A god quite easy to use and in very different ways. Very useful in my opinion. But I think that in Athena , if we know how to use it, it becomes much more versatile than Ymir and much more useful in games like Conquest.How to play with Athena SmiteAthena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, justice and civilization, although she is also the Greek goddess of war and strategy (although as a god of war Ares had more relevance).I will show you how to play with Athena and make very good games with very little effort, since he is a god with very varied but useful and easy-to-use strategies.The first thing we should know are their attacks and what they are for. I want to explain to you on a practical level, when you are going to have to use them and for what.


1- In the first place we have attack 1, which consists of a charge and after that it attacks with force, taking life.When to use it?
Well, it is perfect for when we have an enemy god who is on the run and has little life. When we reach it we can then launch an attack 2 (which I will now explain) and then an attack 3 to take a lot of life.Although we do not get to reach it with attack 1 to take life, if we are at least close enough to reach it later with attack 2 and finish it with 3 it helps us.We remember that we are not a god who has a role to do many Kills, rather we are a support to defend our companions, and that is clearly reflected in our Ulti.Also attack 1 comes from pearls to escape an enemy attack. We will manage to get distances and then we can drop a 3 while we escape. We will take life from our persecutors and if there is also one with a little equal life, we will even take it forward (which has happened to me more than once XD).
2- Attack 2, for me, is the most useful for the role of Athena's guardian , and not only that, but also as a way to eliminate an enemy that tries to flee or that is only to be in a group ( or alone if you could) kill him.This ability consists of attracting enemies towards us, making it impossible for them to escape or move in other directions. It is very useful as we have already said both to finish off an enemy and to save an ally who is pursued by an enemy god, since we attract him towards us and we will save our partner. That is the most important. As guardian we are to help and save.
3- Attack 3 Athena calls a group of Athenians who form in a circle and take life from an enemy who is in range of the attack.
It is an attack that to be Athena a guardian takes a lot of life and we can take many kills thanks to it.As we have already mentioned in attack 1, we can use this third attack to eliminate our enemies and even to give ourselves an advantage in an escape.Play Athena Smite
4- Finally, it is time to talk about the Ulti of Athena . It is an attack that, rather than focusing on taking life (which also takes away a bit) what it does is appear near an ally east at the point that is on the map.Do you know what it's like to be able to appear in Conquest mode on the other side of the map when your partner is in a very close fight? And even when your ally is losing 1 on 1. We can turn a battle around in a way as simple as using the Ulti at a key moment in the battle. And more if we just went to the base to buy items and with all our life recovered.For these reasons Athena I think is one of the best Guardians that exist in Smite .
And my intention is to show you how to play with Athena in Smite . That's why I show you Athena's attacks and then a gameplay with Athena in Smite to give you an idea of ​​how to use it.

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