Game Room Ideas: tips for furnishing game room and stuff

Are you a real game lover and do you prefer to play a fun game on the PC or game console every day? You may have dreamed of having your own game room. Do you have a room left in your house that is actually used more as a storage or clutter room? Then think about turning this room into your own game room!

In terms of interior, tastes can of course differ greatly, but there is a number of standard furniture and items that you really need to provide your game room with all the comforts. Of course, the content of your game room also depends on the type of games you like to play and what you need for that. Below are some cool examples with a list of what you need for the perfect game room!


A large screen (or several) and a gaming PC

If you like to game via a game console, you prefer to do so on a large screen, so that you can see everything well. The image must be of good quality, because most games nowadays have a lot of beautiful, visual effects that you really don't want to miss. In addition, it can be useful to have multiple screens, so that you can easily switch between multiple programs that you have open on your computer. For example, you can easily play games while on the other screen you can keep an eye on the associated chat.

A good gaming PC is also recommended! Compared to a normal computer or console, a gaming PC has several advantages:

  • You have a lot of options: you can decide for yourself which processor, case, video card(s) and power supply you buy for the game PC, you can add LED lights and actually largely determine the appearance of the computer yourself.
  • You have many upgrade options. You can easily purchase an additional graphics card and additional memory modules.
  • You can adjust the graphics settings to your liking, making the games look their best.
  • You have a lot of options with the mouse and keyboard, such as certain shortcuts that make gaming a lot easier.
  • There is a lot of choice in games and you can buy and store a lot of them online, for example via Steam.
  • You can do many things at the same time. A gaming PC is made to run many programs in the background while you play a game that already takes up a lot of space.

Good furniture for your game room

Of course you also need to have something to put that beautiful gaming PC! So for that you need a desk that is sturdy enough for everything you want to put on it, and it has to be big enough. You could of course hang your largest screen on the wall, so that you have more space on the desk. Also think about space for all consoles. You must have a place to put your Xbox, PlayStation or Wii. For example, you could make sturdy shelves on the wall, or get creative and use wooden boxes to make a cabinet for all your consoles!

And of course you have to have something to sit on. Since you usually spend some time gaming, it is not nice if you have to sit on a wooden stool all the time. Even an ordinary office chair does not really meet the needs of a gamer. That's why a real gaming chair is a must! This provides the perfect comfort so that you can enjoy your game for hours on end. Complete it with cool LED lighting! You can find it here .

Microphone, surround sound, headset and camera

There are many games that you can play online with multiple people, sometimes even from all over the world. We call these massively multiplayer online role-playing games (mmorpgs), such as World of Warcraft. Usually you also have the function to communicate with each other both via a chat and by means of images and sound. Of course you need a good camera or webcam with high resolution for that, and you can choose to wear a headset. You will then hear the sound well and can speak directly into the microphone.

More information can be found here .

But not everyone likes to wear a headset; you still want to make sure that you have good sound quality and that people can hear you well. That is why it is also an option to buy a separate microphone and, for example, surround sound, so that you can hear the sound perfectly.

More information can be found here .

A mini fridge!

Of course you don't want to starve and thirst while gaming, right? A real gamer can sit in his chair for hours on end, and then it is very nice if you still have some food and drink within reach. The perfect solution for this is of course your own mini fridge in your game room. Here you can cool your soda cans and store some tasty snacks. In addition, you can also put down a cupboard in which you store all the other delicacies that you like to eat while gaming. Make it a real snack station, and you really only have to get out of your game room to go to the toilet.

More information can be found here .

What else is fun in your game room?

In addition to good screens, a nice game PC, consoles, a microphone, headset, surround sound or other good sound boxes, a handy desk, nice gaming chair and a mini fridge, you also want to spice up your game room a bit. To really top it off, good lighting is also important! Go completely wild and choose, for example, an LED strip behind or under your desktop, LED lighting in your gaming PC and in your gaming chair. With this you imagine yourself in the perfect atmosphere that you need while playing your games.

As icing on the cake, don't forget the decoration! Hang up nice posters of your favorite games, hang shelves on the wall with old consoles and controllers, place plants or be even more creative and get started with wood to make a real Nintendo Switch conversion for your screen!

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