Deathloop PlayStation 5 Preview: Unique game with a lot of potential

Last year it was announced that Bethesda was acquired by Microsoft. That is why you will mainly be able to play the games on the PC and Xbox Series X in the future. Deathloop, however, is an exception to the rule. This game will initially be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and PC, and later to other platforms. And with that, the PS5 has a very interesting exclusive game.

Deathloop can be seen as a roguelike game. On a special island, as Colt, you must make sure to kill eight different characters in one day, in order to break the never-ending loop. If that doesn't work and you die, you start over. In the end you can keep certain skills and take them with you, but in general you just start a new day or after you die. But that doesn't mean you don't want to keep playing it. I got started with the first few hours of the game. These are the points that struck me about the PlayStation 5 game.

Deathloop Playstation 5 Preview

A bit Dishonored-ish

If you're a fan of Dishonored, you'll probably feel right at home in Deathloop. It's a game that has the same vibe. This way you can eventually work with a number of different powers, such as teleporting quickly or linking enemies together and then kill one, after which they all die. The world also resembles the style of the previous game that this developer has made, although there is a lot more color in the game. But just like with Dishonored, you can reasonably go where you want. There are often several paths that lead to your goal.

Deathloop Playstation 5
Playing with powers (Image: Bethesda)

Lots of story in Deathloop

The main story of Deathloop is fairly simple to explain as Colt trying to survive and kill everyone. But underneath there are many other layers. You will have to deal with Juliana, who talks to you a lot during the adventure and can be seen as your arch enemy. And then there's the large amount of information you get from the conversations that characters have with each other, the conversations you read on the computer and the text you see on the screen that leads you to the different goals. So if you want to get a lot out of a game, then this title is really good for you.

Deathloop Playstation 5
A world full of stories (Image: Bethesda)

Keep certain powers

Deathloop is largely a roguelike, where you regularly have to start over. Fortunately, after a while you discover that you can get started with a substance called Residue. This gives you the opportunity to save certain powers. These powers can be found in so-called slabs, which you can score again when you beat a certain boss. You will also come across various trinkets, where the rare trinkets in particular can be really useful and you want to keep. That way you maintain certain progress and you get that little bit further each time.

Deathloop Playstation 5
Keep improving yourself (Image: Bethesda)

Music is really cool in this PlayStation 5 top game

Enemies in Deathloop are quite strong and you should approach them carefully. It is best to proceed stealthy and quietly kill enemies. But there are times when you can't avoid the action. Shootouts are captivating and made even more alive by the excellent soundtrack incorporated into the game. It's uptempo and a bit jazzy and fits perfectly with the sixties setting that the game showcases. The soundtrack is really strong and every time it goes off, it's a party.

Deathloop Playstation 5
The vibe is so good (Image: Bethesda)

Load of information

There are many reasons to get excited about Deathloop. However, the game does have one drawback: there is a lot of information that is fired at you at the beginning of the game. I get it, because it's a game that really has a bit more depth than, for example, Call of Duty, but because of that you really get a load of texts presented. And that is a bit discouraging at the beginning. It really is a matter of biting through and reading it carefully at the same time, because the information is important.

Deathloop Playstation 5
Bit of a bite at the start (Image: Bethesda)

Deathloop will be released in a couple of weeks. On September 14 you can go wild on PC and PlayStation 5. 

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