50 Games for a car trip with children. Compilation.

In addition to patience, you have to have resources and games on a car trip with children . The usual games allow us to entertain children on long road trips or in a traffic jam. What's more, they serve to have fun at any boring moment.

It can certainly be fun to play as a family. Where were all those games we used to play on trips when we were little? . Do we let the devices kill them?

Before we begin, two basic reminders Beware of distracting the person driving and IMAGINATION to power.

Index of contents

Games for a car trip.

Games for the trip without carrying any material in the vehicle.

They are the most popular games because we do not depend on or need anything. In addition, we avoid possible dizziness , distractions due to falling material, etc.

Play with words, letters or syllables.

  • Associated words.
    The game is easy for children. One word is said and another must be said that has some relationship or is contrary. So that it doesn't get stuck, you have to play with the different meanings to change the subject.
    Example: Car - Travel - Beach - Sun - Heat - Oven ……
  • Forbidden words or letters.
    Having a conversation without being able to say the A, or a commonly used keyword.
    Speak but use only one vowel. Or, be able to use all but one of them. Whoever says it loses. This is a universal resource applicable in any of the other games.
  • Tongue twister
    An easy game for fun on the go. On this website there are many.
  • Chained Words:
    One player says a word and the next player must say another that begins with the last syllable. "Tomato / Telephone / Note ...". For the little ones, with the last letter. It cannot be repeated and ends when no other word is known. It begins with another.
  • Chained phrases.
    You start with a word and each one says another that makes sense until you complete a sentence.
  • «Bis bis personal» or «Sparks».
    For those of us of a certain age, we will remember that when we said something at the same time, the first one who said "Personal Bis bis" forced the other to be silent until his name was said.
    • There are variants such as when two license plates coincide that end the same or things like that.
    • Another classic but not recommended option was pinching. To free yourself, you had to answer, for example, "Three brands of milk." Aside from the pinch, it will end up degenerating into impossible such as "Three Chinese Tank Brands." Without a doubt, chop insured.
  • Chained rhymes. It can also be done with an easy melody and a semi-finished phrase.
    Silly examples:
    If we go to Gandía we take watermelon.
    If we float on our back we show our belly .
    When you go to the beach, don't forget the towel. 😉

games travel car kids

Games of "Hunting" while traveling in the car.

It is about taking advantage of what we see on the road to score points on the first one who finds it, or by chance.

  • Find the alphabet.
    Find things with the letters of the alphabet in order. The first to find the A in a sign, license plate, etc. add a point. Then it is followed by B etc.
  • Sum race.
    The first child to add the license plate of the car in front or say the highest number of them. What is the letter that is later in the order of the alphabet etc.
  • Even or odd.
    For the little ones, if the next registration that passes ends in odd or even, one or the other wins it.
  • Detecting or counting things: When
    you see one type of car or more yellow cars during the trip, it is a fairly common memory from childhood games. Then, when he reached a certain number, the driver would honk his horn. The latter should not be allowed today 😉
  • Why not take advantage of playing with driver education?
    Who finds a certain sign or guess what the one we find means.
  • Hunt the directions.
    Give them a "very important" task. They will be waiting to look at the signs and how it works. Let's see who finds where the kilometers are put, the exit, on the map. That they are pending the exit that puts X ...

Travel games based on guessing.

  • Riddles:
    On this page you can find many to liven up the trip: Riddles for a car trip with children .
  • Tricky or absurd questions to think about.
    No, Santiago's white horse is not black and the one on the bench is called Esteban;). There are thousands and are easy to find online. On this page there are a few to play with children: Tricky questions to play on a car trip.
  • Who am I?
    Adopt the behavior or the form of a character, animal, objects, professions etc. and guess it with questions. It can be played with mimicry or not.
  • I see, I see.
    Guess an object that is in sight inside the car. If it is outside it should be something constant. Do you really not know this game for children? As a child you have had to play on any trip. Something that begins with the letter, and then you can expand tracks.
    "I see, I see!"; "Do you see?"; "A little thing"; "What little thing is it?" "Start ... with A" ...
    A hug to Teresa Rabal .;)
  • Taboo.
    Trying to guess a word but not being able to use certain keywords to explain them to others. You can prepare on the go or take the game with you.
  • Yes, no, it depends (also called neither black nor white): A
    game in which you guess something based on questions and only one of these three options can be answered. When we play with the little ones, we will have to give some clues, depending on the age, objects, characters, professions, etc. can be used.
    • . To make things difficult, you can find that they are strange things. A bathyscaphe, the Atomic Ant or a slaughterer.
    • Or a longer version: what happened in a story where only the end is shown - a lifelong example for grown-ups. A completely diaphanous room is observed with a man hanged in height and a puddle underneath. What happened? (He used a block of ice to do it and the motive was X). The more surrealism the more fun.

Travel games for kids car

Play with versions of stories or children's stories.

  • The story backwards.
    A well-known story in which each one is a character and modifies something substantial. Without a doubt, a very fun game that gives "a lot of play" on a trip. A sequence from a well-known movie can also be worth it.
    • Change the format: Tell it like a soap opera, singing like reggaeton, with a characteristic accent ...
    • Transform the characters. A little rock riding hood with a very lazy and sleepy wolf.
    • Reinvent the story or put the characters in a different situation. Little Red Riding Hood meets the wolf while shopping at a large supermarket.
  • Chained stories.
    One begins a story with a phrase, the next continues it, and so on. The grace of the game is that it is crazy. Add characters, situations…
    For example: "Juan's foot itched and that's why he went to a hardware store to buy…" ¿?
    • Variant for older people. To necessarily incorporate some element that is in view at that moment.
    • If you want to make it more difficult, the element has to be outside the car, so that it cannot be prepared so easily.
  • Chained poetry.
    Variant of the previous one but that has to rhyme. It is advisable that the ending is easy to rhyme and vary it.
  • Invented biography.
    Make up the story of the family that drives the car next door or the town you just crossed. Remember, imagination to power.
  • Role-playing. Participate in your story.
    Each one assumes a role and a situation is simulated in which something funny happens. If it is absurd, it is more sympathetic because anything can come out. It can be added that it is a well-known character, or that it has a certain characteristic (a tic, he laughs constantly ...)
    • For example, for children, that one is a buyer and that the clerk puts funny problems or silly conversations. Another may be a person who waits in line and is in a rush to see his girlfriend (?), Etc.
    • It can also be done for something more real like training things that can happen in everyday life.

Games of known songs or learning others.

There is nothing easier to entertain yourself on a car trip with children than singing songs together. This is how it is done on bus trips at summer camps.

  • Camp songs:
    Some of the typical camp songs have little experience because there are few children who can travel in a car. This is not the case on a bus.
    From "Juan peed in the sleeping bag", going through "there was a tilin tilin tilero firefighter", "a sardine, two sardines, three sardines and a cat", the rocking elephant, to the classic "Badabadum''. But combining them takes a while.
    • Then there are other classics that were invented directly for children traveling by car. Let's not forget "In Daddy's Car" or "To be a top driver, speed up."
    • Use in moderation. More than 2 minutes for each song can make everyone in the car "explode".
  • Identify songs
    Guess known songs by whistling, humming or with phrases from it.
  • Fury. Let's
    see who can come up with the most songs that contain the word X.
    Note: It's not as easy as it sounds. It is better to use widely used words. With young children, songs with letters and numbers will be known, and with older children, they will use terms such as "love" or "sun" .
  • Do n't have nursery rhymes for the car trip?

Quiz games.

  • TRAIN YOUR MEMORY by asking "how many" or by making lists.
    How many characters or chapters of the series they are watching and a summary of the episode.
    How many relatives remember. Surely they leave a cousin or uncle. Take the opportunity to tell the funniest anecdotes or situations that are remembered.
  • The shopping list:
    The first one says "The other day I went to the market to buy ... X", the next one adds another product and repeats everything. So on until someone fails or forgets one.
    It can be done with adjectives of each one that are added, which allows the joke. However, the joke can end up in discussion.

small activities car road

Games and travel ideas with materials that are easy to carry in the car.

With children we will always have paper and pencils or a simple deck of cards.

On the one hand, the use of other toys is quite limited if they are small by the car seats.

On the other hand, one of the main obstacles to playing games on a trip by car or other transport is that children can get dizzy.

And lastly, it can cause distractions for the person driving. .
  • Play stop.
    Say a letter and complete a list of things that we have put previously. A character, a city, a tool ...
  • Do a tic-tac-toe.
    One sheet and six pieces of paper or whatever else is enough for this game.
  • Sink the fleet or "the boats."
    Only 2 sheets are needed to make 2 quadrants on each sheet. One quadrant is used to put your boats and the other to mark "water" or "hit" of the other player. Remember that you have to place 6 boats vertically or horizontally: One of 5 squares, one of 4, two of 3 and two of 2 squares. There must be a minimum margin of one clean square ("water") between boats.
  • Origami.
  • Hangman game.
    Nor will it be necessary to explain this typical travel game.
  • With one or more decks of cards you can play a lot of things in the car.
    • UNO (an original deck is not necessary)
    • The highest card.
    • Find pairs etc.

Other ideas to play traveling with children.

  • Make a travel journal. It will serve to remember the trip.
    Do you have a map? Let them find the route. Find out where they are, which way would they go...
    • Let them write down the places they go by, where they stop, what they find, what happened in...
    • Let them draw some place that they have passed… Without realizing it they will fight with geography, use maps, orienting signs without Google Maps. On the day that there is no Internet, we bet that many will not even know how to get to their home.
  • Soccer game:
    With a watch that has a stopwatch. You have to try to score a goal by stopping it leaving zero hundredths (.00). A one thousandth above or below is considered a penalty. It is given again and if it is even it is a goal. It is a very simple game that we have spent a lot of time with on trips with the children.
  • Simon Says:
    A fun classic to play with children on trips. "Simon says ... (any action)". For example, touch your nose, sing or make a statue. You have to obey immediately. If the order is given without having said "Simon says" it must not be carried out or a mistake will be made. He who fails takes the place of Simon.
  • Rock, paper or scissors.
    Whoever has not played this game on a trip has not been a child. We don't even explain it.
  • Finger pulse or thumb fight.
    Another classic. On the count of 3 to see who catches the opponent's thumb, holding one hand with the thumb up.
  • Wave goodbye to the people in the car next door, even if you don't know anyone
  • Drawing and coloring.
    All children like it, whether at home or on the go.

Tips and tricks to make the games more fun on a car trip:

  • ENJOY and LAUGH. Can't you really bring out or remember the boy or girl in you?
    In the camps, when the monitors play many times we get so involved in the role that we are worse than the children.
  • DON'T CUT, BE FLEXIBLE. Invent modalities, merge, put in some absurd word and laugh. For adults, with sarcasm and for children we will always have the "poop, ass, fart, pee" with derivatives.
    You can compete individually, score points together, by time, whoever fails has to take a test, tell a joke ... A small change in a game can make it change radically and vary it.
    • REMEMBER: The game is not the important thing, it is only a means to have fun.
  • DO NOT BURN THE GAMES. If you play with the children for a long time, they will not want to play again for the whole trip. It is better to leave it at its best.
  • INTERCHANGE. DO NOT SATURES OR THE SATURES. Intersperse games, play with them, let them play alone, with stops, get bored for a while.
    Planning periodic stops to stretch your legs and let off steam for a while will be another of the best resources to better cope with car trips with children. And let them run.
  • THAT GETS BORED FROM TIME TO TIME. There is only fun if there is boredom and they have to learn to live with it. If you pretend to be playing all the time, you will end up fed up.
    In fact, they will already come up with anything to entertain themselves, which is very beneficial for them.
  • DON'T GET HARD with a thousand toys. The inherent virtue of boys and girls is that they are capable of playing with anything. We are losing that ability over the years. Is it weird that a little boy ends up playing with a snare drum instead of his birthday presents?
  • ENCOURAGE SELF-PLAY. Help them make games or change rules. Help creativity and propose ideas. Learning arises from necessity and they have to learn to have fun, not have someone who constantly accuses them. Help them a bit because games on a car trip have quite a few limitations. On long trips we would invent anything to entertain ourselves and nothing happened.
  • Finally. There are also the "SCREENS" . With moderate use, they can be used to take a break and save game ideas for the rest of the road trip. Download some games or episodes of series that they like and that they also play for a while. A little peace will be appreciated, as much as in the world of entertainment we see them with bad eyes, the devices are neither good nor bad. They are only a problem of abuse when they become the opium of children.

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