Bungie celebrates its thirtieth birthday in Destiny 2. A brand new dungeon, cosmetics, weapons and more appear bundled in the live-service shooter from the former Halo developer.

Xur and Star Horse take center stage in the Bungie 30th Anniversary Destiny 2 update. We travel to 'Eternity' a treasure trove full of cosmetic tweaks for all three playable classes. Dares of Eternity, the new free game modes of this update bring players a combination of PVM activities in a game show-like display. Through the free update, players can get started with this mode to complete quests and unlock a limited number of cosmetic adjustments.

The real work starts with the 30th Anniversary paid content. The paid bundle of €25 gives players access to a new dungeon in the Cosmodrone. This new dungeon incorporates a classic Destiny moment into the dungeon, making it the great mechanic of this dungeon. An interesting twist in this pirate dungeon.

In addition to the new dungeon, players will be given an exotic quest to unlock the Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2. The Gjallarhorn was a fan-favorite in the first part and almost indispensable in the tricky PVM activities. Also in Destiny 2, the Gjallarhorn comes with quite a beating. You have to work for it first though. Completing, among other things, the new dungeon is a requirement. Players will also instantly unlock 3 ornament sets for the Hunter, Titan and Warlock. These sets are based on Bungie's previous works. For example, the shoulder plates of the Titan are clearly based on the Needler from the Halo games.

Grasp or Avarice

The Grasp of Avarice is the fourth Destiny 2 dungeon. The dungeon brings with it a new mechanic that players will encounter before entering the dungeon. The Dungeon begins in a familiar spot for the die-hard Destiny fan. Namely: the Cosmodrone. And not just anywhere on the Cosmodrone, but exactly where the famous loot cave once was.

Players discovered a cave in Destiny where enemies kept returning in a short amount of time. By simply aiming at this cave and firing when movement was seen, players raked hundreds of engrams per hour which they then brought to the Cryptarch. In the end, Bungie made short work of this way of collecting loot. Which, by the way, I've been guilty of myself.

The loot cave is the entrance to the new dungeon in Destiny 2. Just like in the loot cave times, heaps of enemies spawn in the cave at once. Shoot them and they will drop a golden engram. Picking up this engram will give you a debuff for 30 seconds. When this debuff ends, you're dead. Picking up a new engram will again extend the timer to 30 seconds. The goal is to dump the engrams you picked up into a crystal that settles in the cave. Once enough engrams have been dumped, the floor will open and the dungeon will begin.

Burdened by Riches

The Burdened by Riches is the recurring mechanic in this dungeon. This has everything to do with collecting these golden engrams to dump them into a crystal before the timer runs out. Typically, this mechanic returns to temporarily dismantle bosses' shields. It's an ingredient for fast-paced encounters right up to the final boss fight. Not exactly difficult, but this one is a lot slower due to the incidental side of helpers who have a lot of HP and can deal extremely hard blows.

All in all, it's a really cool dungeon to blast through. Especially the first part of the dungeon which is literally filled to the brim with traps. We had to laugh very hard at this several times.

This dungeon… @destinygamenl #PS5Share , #Destiny2 pic.twitter.com/FbzpW0oJk4

— Jordy Gerritse (@GerritseJordy) December 11, 2021

The dungeon has a pirate theme and of course this fits very well with the loot cave and the whole mechanic that has been fabricated around it. Graphically it looks very nice with clear nods to pirates, where you have to shoot exploding servitors at a certain encounter as if you were on a pirate ship. Not only does it look great, the soundtrack also makes you think as if you are watching a Pirates of the Caribbean movie in the background.

It was also surprising. Frankly, I expected the dungeon to be more responsive to Bungie's work over the past 30 years. Encounters based on classic Halo levels or more references to iconic characters. So it doesn't feel like this dungeon was actually made for this celebration, but the dungeon was going to make an appearance in Destiny 2 anyway.


Ultimately, your reward for completing the latest challenge is one step closer to the Gjallarhorn. But besides that there is also a new armor set for each class and legendary weapons can be earned from the first Destiny. These include the Eyasluna, 1000 Yard Stare and the Matador 64.

In addition to the dungeon, there are of course also rewards that are very recognizable. For example, there are two swords that each resemble half of a Halo Energy Sword. The BXR-55 Battler is a Legendary Pulse Rifle that resembles the Battle Rifle from Halo in terms of appearance, but also in terms of gameplay. Players can get these from the chest in Eternity after playing the Dares of Eternity mode. The iconic magnum from Halo, on the other hand, can also be found in Destiny 2. Players receive this by completing the Forerunner Exotic Quest. This rewards players with the Forerunner Sidearm. This one looks very similar to the magnum from Halo (and yes, it is very strong and no, unfortunately no matching melee animation).


The Bungie 30th Anniversary adds quite a bit to Destiny 2. A number of iconic and clever references to previous Bungie works, but also a number of new reasons to pick up the game again. This season, which stretches enormously to the release of The Witch Queen, did need a refresher. Fortunately, this one comes in the form of a Bungie 30th Anniversary bundle. The Dungeon is undoubtedly the biggest and nicest addition of this update, if it has the least to do with the thirty year anniversary.

Have you already started the Bungie 30Th Anniversary festivities?

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