Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC ushers in Destiny 2's second year. New level cap, new gear cap, new gear and new sub classes. We're also saying goodbye to Cayde-6, but will this goodbye and the DLC save Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 had a rough year. The release of the base game wasn't too good. Although the story was good, the lack of end game material was a big loss to the game. With the addition of the DLCs Warmind and Curse of Osiris, Bungie tried to increase the end game. Curse of Osiris was seen as one of the worst DLC for Destiny ever. Warmind, on the other hand, brought some more end game material with him. But the fans were still not satisfied with the state of the game. And Forsaken is changing that.


Forsaken is turning that around for Destiny 2. This time, Bungie hits the nail on the head. Unfortunately, one of the most beloved characters had to be sacrificed for that. Cayde-6 dies at the beginning of the new story. Torn by grief and anger, you as Guardian take revenge on this attack. Uldren Sov, Mara Sov's brother, is responsible along with his Barons. The hunt takes you to a new planet in the Reef: The Forsaken Shore. Supported by the Spider and Petra Venj, you hunt for the culprits.
The story is arguably one of the best in Destiny's history. It's especially immersive when you've been playing the game since the first Destiny. You also develop feelings of revenge in yourself when you experience the death of Cayde-6. To then hear the first words of your Guardian is the icing on the cake. Until now, your Ghost has always been the one to speak. But in this story, your Guardian speaks for itself. When you think the story is over, the story continues through an exotic quest. All in all, together with the second part of the story, you will certainly spend a good 15 hours on story this time.

DLC content

One of the major criticisms of Destiny 2 was the end game. With the addition of the Forsaken DLC, there is now no shortage of it. New Raid The Last Whisper is now playable. In addition, you can collect weekly and daily bounties from the Spider to kill special targets. Add to that the daily hero challenges and the weekly strikes and nightfalls and your evenings are filled with enough PvE options.
But for the players who like PvP, they too are catered for. The new game mode Gambit is a mix between PvE and PvP. In Gambit you play in teams of four against four. Each team gets its own field where they have to defeat various enemies. Each enemy drops a mote which you can then pick up and put in the bank. When you have collected 75 motes there will be a boss that you have to kill. Whoever succeeds first wins the game.
For many PvPers, the PvP element will certainly appeal. During this game mode you can hop through the portals to the opponent. Once in your opponent's field, you can try to kill them and try to slow down their progress. Players who carry motes and get killed lose any motes they had with them. Once the final boss is there, you can get in the way of the opponents even more by continuously killing them.

Level caps and gear

In addition to releasing a lot of new content, Bungie has raised the level caps considerably. The level cap has gone from 30 to 50. In addition to the level cap, you also have your maximum power cap. This has gone from 385 to 680. That's already two big caps to grind for. But that's not all you can grind for your Guardian. New subclasses with new supers have also been added to the game. Although you can get the basic upgrade together in no time, the grind to the other parts of your subclasses is a bit longer.
We also see the addition of new weapons and a new ammo system. Thanks to the new ammo system, you are no longer stuck with the fact that your second weapon necessarily needs secondary ammo. Your second weapon slot can now also contain weapons that use the primary ammo. Bows are among the decidedly new weapons that the Forsaken DLC brings with it. A bow is a fairly strong weapon, but fires just as fast as a sniper. But you can also fire the bow in quick succession, but you will lose range and power of the weapon. For PvE it is a nice and strong weapon. However, for PvP, the weapon may be too slow to make good use of it.


Destiny 2 Forsaken is the lifesaver for the game Destiny 2. The amount of content and the great story will satisfy a large part of the fans. Unfortunately, we do say goodbye to a beloved character from the Destiny world. Cayde-6 your humor and ego will be missed. The end game has finally been picked up well by Bungie. After the great story there is plenty to do in both the PvE world and the PvP world. Gambit is a fun game mode to play for both PvPers and PvE-ers. However, the price tag is an issue for many. 40 euros for a DLC is quite on the pricey side. In addition, the fact that you also have to have the other two DLCs to play Forsaken makes this DLC a pricey story for new players. However, after playing the DLC it is worth the money.